Announcing the publication of “Mellifluous” written by K.P. Anderson

K.P. Anderson’s “Mellifluous” is an exquisitely written, elegant, and refined journey into the interior world of the bee. The book is an intimate, fascinating, and revealing artistic conveyance of one of nature’s own profound works of art. Both empirical in its insightful detail and magical in the beauty of its revelations, this book deftly creates a work of art informed by and informing us of nature’s (almost) unparalleled artistry.

Pulitzer Prize winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa’s endorsement of K.P. Anderson’s “Mellifluous” provides a sense of the profound artistry and understanding that makes this book so unique:

K.P. Anderson’s Mellifluous shapes and experiments with sound, whereby each taut poem grows personal, then universal. Nature (especially the bee) performs in this chapbook; a human compass—existential and spiritual—focus the rituals of being. The title informs the reader not how to feel or say, but how to be, and see into an internal terrain—through a music that queries and cajoles.

Mellifluous by K.P. Anderson



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