Artists who have established an exceptional body-of -work at UnCollected press will be selected as winners of the UCP INNER CIRCLE AWARD. Editors consider a contributor’s body-of-work as comprised of writing and artwork published in journal issues, contests, anthologies and books published by UnCollected Press. The artist’s body of work as expressed in other publications and venues will also be considered.

Winners of the UCP Inner Circle Award will be offered the opportunity to publish a book with UnCollected Press and will be able to introduce and collaborate directly with UCP/RAR Editors on their own projects, as well as projects they introduce from other writers and artists.  Inner Circle Award winners will be asked to sponsor their own homage-to-the-artist contest. Award Winners will serve as UCP’s Artist-in-Residence and will join its editorial staff.

UCP Inner Circle Award winners will be given a Feature Artist Web Page that can be updated with new material on a regular basis and will be represented in a new Featured Artist section of RAR Quarterly Journal.


John D. Robinson (January 2023) (click here)

Dean Gessie (April 2023) (click here)