BOOK PUBLISHED: “Metazoan Variations” by Mike Bendzela

My Bendzela’s exquisite book of “evolutionary fables and other emblematic tales” is now available for sale here on The Raw Art Review website. This is a graceful and elegant, beautifully crafted book that is unlike anything we have published before at UnCollected Press. The book will satisfy your scientific as well as your artistic mind. It penetrates into understanding itself where science and art become one. The intimate lives of fauna (and flora), wild and domestic, sentient and perhaps not, immediate and born in past epochs, are revealed to us. The result is a series of vignettes and epiphanies that can be poignant, devastating, elating but are always acutely fascinating. This is a book that is the product of the writer’s compassion for living things – compassion in the truest sense of the word – compassion that is empathy to the point of losing self to the other. Mike has done the exceptional. He has made all of his characters, even the least of them, real and meaningful to us. You must read this book!

Metazoan Variations

$15 BOOK + .90 MD SALES TAX + $5 SHIP


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