UnCollected Press/The Raw Art Review is now offering editorial services to its contributors and followers. We offer the editorial services outlined below for poetry, prose (fiction or non-fiction), essays, critiques and any other writing genres. Editing services can be quoted and contracted as a 4-Step package or any of the steps can be quoted and contracted individually. We will work with you to help make editorial services affordable.

STEP 1Immersion Editing A UCP/RAR Editor engages with the writer by completely immersing herself/himself in the writer’s manuscript with a goal to cultivate a deep understanding of the written material. Once our editor has fully immersed herself/himself in the writer’s work and begins to understand the essence and focus of the writer’s vision, pointed advisement and insight will be provided. The goal is to to assist the writer in achieving his/her goals and intentions. UCP/RAR editors are qualified, experienced experts who understand that it is completely inappropriate to rewrite, change or in any way pervert the writer’s voice, creative vision and fundamental tradecraft innovations. To the extent possible, our editors will only advise and assist from a fully-informed place of immersion in the work and with an open-minded and respectful engagement with the writer.

STEP 2 – Copy Editing – UCP/RAR editors provide focused, granular editing looking for errors of omission and commission, including but not limited to errors in grammar (syntax), spelling, punctuation, capitalization, linguistic consistency/clarity/flow, sentence structure, phrasing, line breaks, rhythm and cadence.

STEP 3 Style Editing – UCP/RAR editors cautiously and respectfully assist and support the writer in making the most out of language, style, figures of speech, rhetorical devices and voice. This is a fully engaged give-and-take, with the editor striving to understand what the writer is trying to achieve and tailoring advisement based on a deep understanding of the writer’s intentions. In addition to a continued focus on elements covered in STEPS 1 and 2, UCP/RAR editors will be considering nuances of word and sentence flow, readability, consistency and impact. The power and relevance of metaphors, images, language, characterization, ideation, point-of-view, content, figures-of-speech and rhetorical devices will be considered along with any other aspect of producing a written work-of-art that may be important. During all editing steps, but in particular during STEP 3, UCP/RAR editors approach the writer’s work with compassion. The compassionate approach is one of understanding and empathy. Editors strive to find the meaning and relevance of the writer’s written artwork and collaborate from a place of mutual insight.

If you are interested in either the individual editing services or the 4-STEP editing package, please email us to discuss details and tailor pricing at the following email address:


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