A Mug for Coffee

My favorite coffee mug is the one that my sister-in-law Amanda made for me.  It is beautiful.  I am very fond of it. The mug leans to the left – sits as if it is cocking a hip.  The mug is embossed with obscure and evasive symbols and has a glaze that is smoky – has a diffuse pattern of Payne’s Gray with some hints of Cerulean Blue.  It is balanced in its asymmetry.  Balanced in its imbalance.  We are not seeking perfection in the works we publish at UCP/RAR (though we don’t discriminate against perfection).  We seek intimate relevance, beauty that is messy or neat, akimbo or strictly linear, skewed or straight, edgy, off-balance or clear and logical.  Send us your work.  We will treat it with compassion.  Strive to understand it’s significance. Respect and learn from what is there.