Announcing The Publication of “PLUNGE” by Taunja Thomson

Plunge by Taunja Thomson is a sensory deep dive into the natural world.  This lush full-length collection celebrates human immersion into creation’s color palate while offering the reader a taste of life’s “gasp/& gravity/its slow spin/mouthful of light.” Many of the poems are ekphrastic in that they are inspired by works of visual art. Yet, each poem is skillfully positioned in the arc to usher the reader through the rush of passing seasons— “between the tumbling/umber of dreams/and the roar/of age.”  What emerges is a breathtaking meld of sense and sentience, underscored with natures’s patterned music. Cicadas rise with “red eyes & membrane-thin wings clambering up through ground/rattling their golden tymbals–/summer kettledrums.” The poet invites “raven and wind/and creeping moonflower/to come and settle” inside her as she bids us “watch this life leap over/the gate to moon/disappear into its brilliance.” Thomson’s gift for imagery knows no bounds.

—Roberta Schultz, author of Underscore, Dos Madres Press and Asking Price, Workhorse Writers.

PLUNGE by Taunja Thomson

$19 Book + $114 MD Tax + $7 Shipping


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