Announcing The Publication of “GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS” by renowned poet, Alan Britt.

Alan Britt is the poet. He doesn’t need philosophic pragmatism to help; although, it never hurts the basic truths. His poetry speaks for itself. Straightforward, concise, matter of fact, practical, and yes, right to the bullet point. The straight shooter, at the ready with prolific trick shots, targets the bullseye of our shared dilemmas. At odds with a reality that’s not always real. Where the norm isn’t quite normal. In the Garden of Earthly Delights, like the Bosch triptych, Britt paints a profound, reluctant world where redemption and damnation are one in the same flower. Things happen, forthwith, and sans reason. The very same dualism, two headed, twin critter of dictums conjecture, and plain facts. A surreal approach, in the garden, dwelling with purpose, in and around fanciful notions, those earthly delights to savor. A good meal at the rest stop, on the road trip of the word. Traveling along the wayside, direct to the poet’s journey.

~Tom DiVenti, Apathy Press Poets


$19 Book + $1.14 MD Sales Tax + $7 Shipping


2 thoughts on “Announcing The Publication of “GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS” by renowned poet, Alan Britt.

  1. Britt’s latest collection, Garden of Earthly Delights is jam packed with an authentic poetry that is ready to perform its magical healing powers upon a civilization in desperate need of self inquiry, sensibility, intuitive investigative resources & a return/necessity to/for beauty, insight and clarity as humanity tries to understand where a home that waits patiently within might be found.


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