Announcing the publication of Pieter Lefferts’ “What The Kek Kek Saw”.

” Pieter Lefferts’ “What The Kek Kek Saw” is a fascinating and moving fable from the complex imagined culture and society of the animals populating the Eastern Woodland ecosystems of The Adirondack Mountain Region of New York. This is UnCollected Press’s 2nd foray into fables from the animal kingdom, and we are very excited to be publishing this intricate and intensely relevant tale of a universal quest and journey to discovery. At its core, Pieter’s book is a call to all of us human animals to find a way to better listen to and understand our relationships with the other sentient beings on this planet – and to learn from our often wiser brethren. Pieter’s book is insightful, eloquent and important . We loved this expansive read and are sure you will also.

“What The Kek Kek Saw” by Pieter Lefferts

$16.99 BOOK + $1.02 MD TAX + $7.00 SHIPPING


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