UnCollected Press publishes 32 books

We are delighted to announce that we just published our 32nd book since we started producing books in 2019. (We have another 13 in the queue.) Here are some quotes from authors whose books have been recently published by UnCollected Press:

“the books arrived….they are beautiful ….the cover is so tactile….the choice of paper for the pages just elevates the books….we made a real objet d’ art….”

“Dear everyone, I’m very excited to announce that my chapbook is now available! It was a dream to work with UnCollected Press on this little chappy.”

“The books arrived and they look great–your painting works beautifully on the cover!”

“The covers galley is perfect!  It looks amazing – I have no corrections!”

“A friend posted that he was rereading my book, accompanied by a picture of it and one of his friends commented:  “Okay that is quite possibly the coolest design & title I have ever seen.  THAT makes me want to explore contents.”

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