Announcing the publication of “Farewell Clay Dove” by Sophia Falco

Farewell Clay Dove is the second book of poetry from Sophia Falco published by UnCollected Press.

“Sophia Falco is a talented, imaginative, driven, raw, crafty, and original poet whose writings overcome and transfigure the stigma and challenges of bipolar disorder in well- crafted poetic forms that communicate and manage the heights and depths of her being-in-the-world. Farewell Clay Dove tracks the levitations and journeys, the loneliness, terrors, illness, as well as the poetic wonder of her journey to health, autonomy, and bliss in imagery of, crimson doves, golden hours of sunset, shrinking stars, hospitals, rocket ships, radiant horses, sheer mania at noon. It is a work of wholeness, honesty, psychic quest, and probing intelligence.”

—Rob Sean Wilson, University of California at Santa Cruz

Farewell Clay Dove

$15 Book + $.90 MD TX + $6.00 Shipping


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