Contest Results: The John H. Kim Memorial Prize for Short Fiction

Winning Story

A Formula for Intimacy by Jacob Klein (click to read)

First Runner-up

Cicada by Dean Gessie (click to read)


Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump by Dean Gessie (click to read)

The alleyway near the downtown library by Alan Bern (click to read)

When The Wind Blows by Ali Wilding (click to read)

Worlds of Fun by Bryan Brunton (click to read)


A Day in the Life of Amadeus Gordini, “El-Gordini” by Samuel Rutishauser-Mills (click to read)

Into The Dark by Pamela Sumners (click to read)

Love Letter by Dale Shank (click to read)

Treasure Seeker by Susan Breall (click to read)

What It is Like To Live by Elizabeth Kirschner (click to read)

Worse Things by Mads Bohan (click to read)

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