UnCollected Press is delighted to announce the publication of a chapbook of poetry by Sophia Falco.

The Immortal Sunflower by Sophia Falco


In this semi-autobiographical compilation, Sophia Falco not only offers a bold new poetic voice, but also a glimpse into a stigmatized consciousness. On a journey to explore her own experiences with bipolar disorder, she takes us into the black eye of The Immortal Sunflower, transfixing us with its gaze, demanding that we dive through the dark and into a world beyond, where the natural world collides and intersects with her internal thought processes.

Falco shares with us her mind’s inner landscape, one that is simultaneously unfamiliar and intimately resonant, one uniquely her own, and one that we share through her powerful language of metaphor—a language with the ability to immerse us and change us, letting us transcend stigma and find a deeper understanding,  a “freedoming.”

Allison Herman

Professor of English at Foothill College

B.A. in Literature, UC Berkeley

M.A. in Literature, SFS



The Immortal Sunflower, by Sophia Falco

$15 book + $.90 MD State Sales Tax + $4 Shipping



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