UnCollected Press is delighted to announce the publication of a full length book of poetry by renown and widely published Australian poet James Walton.

James Walton Abandoned Soliloquies Covers PICTURE

Abandoned Soliloquies by James Walton

$15 book + $.90 MD State Sales Tax + $4 Domestic Shipping



Abandoned Soliloquies International

$15 Book + $.90 MD State Sales Tax + $12 International Shipping


In an age where artistic expression is increasingly, and perhaps necessarily, politicized, Walton delivers a powerful reminder of the universality and timelessness of poetry. His work is a synthesis of musings on past and present, public and private as he moves seamlessly from the big issues – life, death, religion, power – to everyday, intimate details – how a cockroach moves, the making of milk, the ache of missing a lover – with the lightest of touches. A stranger’s small and spontaneous gesture in Arles, for instance, let us know that ‘there is no such thing as nation’. Walton’s poetry is a similarly unifying force, crossing boundaries of age, gender, race and culture.

Denise O’Hagan
Poetry Editor
The Blue Nib
Sept 2019

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