UnCollected Press is delighted to announce the publication of a full length book of poetry by renown and widely published English Poet poet Adrian Manning.

Digging Up The Bones Adrian Manning Covers Galley 003


Digging Up The Bones, by Adrian Manning

$15 Book + $.90 MD State Sales Tax + $4 shipping


It is simply not enough to say that Adrian Manning is an outstanding poet and this book, ‘Digging Up The Bones’ is testament to that fact: Adrian Manning is, and has sealed an ever-growing inspirational and respected presence in the small press for over two decades: his work can be found the globe over, both online and in print: ‘Digging up The Bones’ is a selection that has been snatched and stolen from 18 chapbooks of poetry and a small selection of ‘uncollected poems’: From the opening, brilliant and eloquent opening poem ‘The Poet In His Underwear’ to the final poem   ‘A Mouthful of Numbness and Eyes Full of Light’ Adrian Manning has your attention.

Adrian Manning writes with a gentle , cool calculated and precise lyricism that moves effortlessly, he writes with a razor blade of truth. he writes with a hammer seeking justice, he writes with an angry axe that rages at the madness around us, he writes with a reflective, thoughtful sensitivity but always he writes with love and compassion.

John D. Robinson
Poet – Publisher – Editor – Artist


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