The Raw Art Review Spring 2019 Issue

  1. RAR is looking for short stories, poems and artwork (all media) that use content and form to express powerful emotions, aesthetics, ideas and/or revelations. We do not discriminate against any particular genre.
  2. The Spring 2019 Issue will appear In Print and as an Online Publication. Artwork and Writing also may be posted to the RAR’s home page as a Featured Work of Art.
  3. Submissions may also result in the artist/writer being selected as a Featured Artist in a dedicated gallery or library accessible from the RAR home page.
  4. There are no rules of form and content. The sole criteria for acceptance is the power of the emotional/psychological/spiritual impact on editors reading the poem. A piece of writing or artwork can be tightly wrought and beautifully organized or wild and improvisational.
  5. There are no particular trade-craft requirements. Single or double space, left-center-right justification, long lines/short lines, standard use of punctuation or use of line breaks to set the poem’s rhythm, etc.
  6. TYPOS – we understand it is difficult to catch all typos and other “errors”. NOTE: we will presume a typo or error is volitional, so for the purpose of maintaining your intent for the writing or artwork it is in your best interest to review carefully, get help from others, etc.
  7. Review of writing and artwork is blind. Please do not put your name or any other identifying information on your pages.
  8. BIO is not required at this time. You can include a BIO if you want or you can use the cover letter space provided on the submission form to tell us about your artwork. Feel free to skip the cover letter entirely by putting something like “No BIO” in the field.
  9. Editors are prohibited from rejecting writing or artwork on first review. All writing and artwork gets at least 2 reviews before a decision is made.
  10. Editors assume you are smarter than we are. We will strive to understand your intention ; stay open-minded and try to avoid imposing our presumptions on your work.
  11. We will never use irresponsible and self-aggrandizing slurs to describe your work like “purple writing” or “that technique is a gimmick”.
  12. We may use writing and artwork that has been accepted on a revolving basis during the submission period as blog posts on The Raw Art Review’s home page.
  13. There is a $3 Fee for submission. We are also offering a $5 expedite fee. Expedited work is reviewed and accepted or declined within a week
  14. We value the slush pile. (Not a derogatory term among our editors). Writing or Artwork that is declined is returned to the slush pile for future consideration. We will of course seek your permission to keep the work in our slush pile and before anything in the slush pile is published.  The work is, of course, entirely yours – we make no claim to its rights.
  15. 3 poems, 1 short story, 5 photos of artwork per entry. You may enter as many times as you like but the $3.00 fee applies to each entry.
  16. Simultaneous submission is fine. Please withdraw on Submittable if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
  17. Previously published writing or artwork is fine as long as you own republication rights. We are happy to recognize the original publisher upon your request.
  18. Deadline for submission is May 31, 2019.
  19. You must use Submittable for submissions. Submittable accounts are free to submitters and the tool is great for organizing and tracking submissions. If this presents a hardship please use the contact page on our website to request an exception.
  20. We recognize that the fee may be a deterrent for some submitters who are challenged by financial hardship. We consider a limited number of requests for financial aid in covering the fee. Please send an email to to make a request for financial aid. PLEASE NOTE: RAR has its own financial challenges, so please do not request financial aid unless it is absolutely necessary. Thank you.