John D. Robinson Bibliography

‘When You Hear The Bell, There’s Nowhere To Hide’  Holy&intoxicated Publications 2016 (UK) sold out

‘Cowboy Hats & Railways’   Scars Publications 2016  (USA)

‘An Outlaw In The Making’   Scars Publications 2017  (USA)

‘Hitting Home’   Iron Lung Press  2018 (USA)  sold out

‘The Pursuit Of Shadows’  Analog Submission Press  2018 (UK)  sold out

‘Too Many Drinks Ago’  Paper and Ink Press  (UK)  2018  sold out

‘Echoes Of Diablo’  Concrete Meat Press (UK)  2018 sold out

‘Pushing Away The Hours’  Alien Buddha Press  (USA) 2018

‘Hang In There’  Uncollected Press  (USA)  2019

‘Singing Aria’s’  Analog Submission Press (UK)  2019 (sold out)

‘A Hash Smoking, Codeine Swallowing, Wine Drinking Son Of A Bitch’   2019   Alien Buddha Press (USA)

‘Romance, Renegades & Riots’ with Gwil James Thomas:  Analog Submission Press: UK 2019 (sold out)

‘The Sounds Of Samsara’ Cyberwit Publishing: (India) February 2020

Sharks and Butterflies  ‘Cajun Mutt Press) USA   Feb/March 2020

3 Poets Series: East London Press (UK) March/April 2020  sold out

‘Red Dance’ (Uncollected Press USA) March/April 2020

‘Smoking Herb and other Stories’ Analog Submission Press (UK) April 2020

‘The Dirty Sacrifice & Other Stories’  Alien Buddha Press 2020  (USA)

‘The Barbed and The Beautiful’ Petricor Press with Marcel Herms: The Netherlands 2020

Poems-For-All – Mini books series

‘Always More’ New & Selected Poems: Horror Sleaze Trash: USA 2020

‘A Gallon Of Red, A Gallon Of White’ (split with Pete Donohue) Scumbag Press: UK (sold out) 2021

‘Still Time’: Between Shadows Press: USA: 2021

‘Running Colours’ a novel of fiction: Alien Buddha Press: USA 2021