The Raw Art Review has launched, Uncollected Press.  We will be publishing books of poetry, fiction and artist lookbooks under the Uncollected Press name.

In the near future, we will be posting a contest for book length manuscripts in poetry.  The winner will have her/his book fully funded for print publication and offered for sale on the RAR Website.  We will also work with the author to have the book available for sale on major retail sites like Amazon, Better World Books, Barnes & Noble and others.

We will periodically open submissions to manuscripts for publication.  Those that are accepted will either be fully funded, partially funded or self-funded – depending on the current state of the Uncollected Press budget, the promise of earnings in book sales, and the preferences of the submitter.

NOTE:  Self-funded publications are NOT self-published publications.  Manuscripts  that are selected will be published under the Uncollected Press name.  We do not mean to malign self-publication at all.  We feel it is a legitimate way to bypass the impediments to book publication.  But, Uncollected Press is not a self-publication service.