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Sophia Falco Poetry Reading for Foothill Pride Month June 2020 – YouTube


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Sophia Falco believes that poetry has the tremendous power to be a form of activism. She believes poetry has the immense potential to create a change of heart regarding the perception of those who struggle with bipolar disorder—herself included. She graduated with two associate degrees at Foothill College with high honors in English and in Spanish. She will graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2020 with a B.A. in intensive literature with a creative writing concentration for poetry. In her free time she is an epic gardener. The tallest sunflower she grew was 16 feet tall!

The Immortal Sunflower is a voyage of the mind navigating through intense feelings that expose raw emotions rooted in a troubled psyche, and ultimately the transformation into the light. From a tiger to a red dove, and to a sunflower as tall as a skyscraper, these highly imaginative, vulnerable, and powerful poems uniquely take on an otherwise typically invisible and often devastating illness—bipolar disorder. Sophia Falco, an individual who is affected by this, captures suffering and hope in unconventional ways including imagery that transcends earth into outer-space.