Poems by Karen Bowden

Watercolors by Karen Bowden

Born in El Paso, TX, Karen Bowden moved an average of every 2 years from birth to age 27 and lived in many states and England.   She mostly worked as a writer, editor, and desktop publisher, but also in occupations ranging from forklift driver to legal secretary, finding forklift driving by far the more fulfilling.  She received her “higher” education at Arizona State University, with a major in English literature and a minor in psychology.  For many years, she coordinated the Divergent Arts Poetry Series, which included works by visual artists, musicians, dancers, and “any other artistic expression that knocked on the door.”  After years of living in a home filled with art, having many friends who are artists, and visiting museums in several American, European, and Chinese cities, she started painting with watercolors in 2006, and says, “What I love about it are the feel of the brush as paint goes on paper and how paper, paint, water, and light play with and against each other.  More than any other art form I engage, watercolor opens that sense of oneness that some call losing themselves and others call bliss, both accurate descriptions.”   The Peoria Arts Commission 2006 Juried Celebration of Artists accepted one of her early efforts as did the Glendale Arts Council Juried Fine Arts Competition in 2007.  This is the first time her watercolor work has appeared in a literary arts journal.  She is “very pleased and appreciative.”