Announcing the publication of “Mellifluous” written by K.P. Anderson

K.P. Anderson’s “Mellifluous” is an exquisitely written, elegant, and refined journey into the interior world of the bee. The book is an intimate, fascinating, and revealing artistic conveyance of one of nature’s own profound works of art. Both empirical in its insightful detail and magical in the beauty of its revelations, this book deftly creates a work of art informed by and informing us of nature’s (almost) unparalleled artistry.

Pulitzer Prize winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa’s endorsement of K.P. Anderson’s “Mellifluous” provides a sense of the profound artistry and understanding that makes this book so unique:

K.P. Anderson’s Mellifluous shapes and experiments with sound, whereby each taut poem grows personal, then universal. Nature (especially the bee) performs in this chapbook; a human compass—existential and spiritual—focus the rituals of being. The title informs the reader not how to feel or say, but how to be, and see into an internal terrain—through a music that queries and cajoles.

Mellifluous by K.P. Anderson



Simon Maddrell, author of “Throatbone” published by UnCollected Press, receives accolades

Simon Maddrell was born in Douglas, Isle of Man in 1965 and brought up in Bolton, UK. After twenty years in London, he moved to Brighton & Hove in 2020.

Simon writes through the lens of a queer Manx man, thriving with HIV.

He is published in fourteen anthologies in the UK and USA including The Sixty-Four: Best Poets of 2019, Black Mountain Press, 2020 and The Best New British & Irish Poets 2019-2021, The Black Spring Press, 2021. His poems appear in various publications including AMBIT, Butcher’s Dog, Stand, The Moth, The New European, Morning Star, Paragon, The Raw Art Review, Prickly Pear and American Poetry. His debut chapbook, Throatbone was published by UnCollected Press (MA, USA) in August 2020. Queerfella was Joint Winner in The Rialto Open Pamphlet Competition and published in Dec 2020. Nine Pens Press (UK) published All About Our Mothers with Vasiliki Albedo and Mary Mulholland in Jan. 2022.

Prizes & Competitions:
• Joint Winner, The Rialto Open Pamphlet Competition 2020 –– Queerfella
• Commended, Fool for Poetry Chapbook Competition 2021 –– The Species Forecast
• Longlist, Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Competition 2021 –– Manxisle
• Longlist, Poetry Book Awards 2020 –– Throatbone.

Poem Prizes & Competitions:
• First-runner up, Frogmore Poetry Prize 2020 –– ‘The snow leopard bites its own tail’
• Highly Commended, The Winchester Poetry Prize 2021 –– ‘nature poem’
• Highly Commended, Welsh Poetry Competition 2020 –– ‘A nut roast has arrived’
• Longlist, The Brian Dempsey Memorial Prize 2022 –– ‘One night awaits us all’
• Longlist, The Rialto Nature and Place Competition 2020 –– ‘Half-rotten, half-new’


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Announcing the publication of Pieter Lefferts’ “What The Kek Kek Saw”.

” Pieter Lefferts’ “What The Kek Kek Saw” is a fascinating and moving fable from the complex imagined culture and society of the animals populating the Eastern Woodland ecosystems of The Adirondack Mountain Region of New York. This is UnCollected Press’s 2nd foray into fables from the animal kingdom, and we are very excited to be publishing this intricate and intensely relevant tale of a universal quest and journey to discovery. At its core, Pieter’s book is a call to all of us human animals to find a way to better listen to and understand our relationships with the other sentient beings on this planet – and to learn from our often wiser brethren. Pieter’s book is insightful, eloquent and important . We loved this expansive read and are sure you will also.

“What The Kek Kek Saw” by Pieter Lefferts

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DEAN GESSIE – Uncollected Press author – wins prestigious Aesthetica Creative Writing Award

Dean Gessie, author of the award-winning short story collection, Anthropocene, by Uncollected Press, has won the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award, one of England’s most prestigious literary awards. Aesthetica Magazine has a readership of more than 400,000 worldwide and the competition drew more than 3000 submissions. Among other prizes and honors, Dean has been invited to England to read his prize-winning poem. He will also receive a cash prize of approximately 3250.00 U.S.

Dean will be publishing a book of Poetry with UnCollected Press in 2022.

Dean Gessie is an author and poet who has won or placed in more than 100 international competitions. Dean won the Angelo Natoli Short Story Award in Australia, the Half and One Literary Prize in India, the Eyelands Book Award in Greece, the short story prize at the Eden Mills Writers Festival in Canada and the Wordsmiths Literary Competition in England. Dean also won the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award in England, the Enizagam Poetry Contest in California, the Ageless Authors Poetry Competition in Texas, the Frank O’Hara Poetry Prize in Massachusetts, the Editors’ Poetry Prize from the Spoon River Poetry Review in Illinois, the UN-aligned Poetry Competition in Helsinki, Finland, the Allingham Arts Festival Poetry Competition in Ireland and the Creators of Justice Literary Award from the International Human Rights Art Festival in New York. Elsewhere, he was a medal winner for the Nosside Poetry Prize in Italy and, as a result, published in the 35th World Poetry Prize Anthology. He was also selected for inclusion in The Sixty-Four Best Poets of 2018 and The Sixty-Four Best Poets of 2019 by Black Mountain Press in North Carolina and he was invited to participate in the Truths to Live By: Night of Ideas virtual event sponsored by the Brooklyn Library and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York. In addition, Dean won the Bacopa Literary Review Short Story Contest in Florida, the Two Sisters Short Story Contest in New Mexico, the New Millennium/Sunshots Flash Fiction Contest in Tennessee and (twice) the After Dinner Conversation Short Story Competition in Arizona. Dean also won second prize (of 2000+ submissions) in the Short Story Project New Beginnings competition in New York and his short story made the shortlist (of 2800+ submissions) for the Alpine Fellowship Prize in Sweden. Dean’s recent collection of short stories – called Anthropocene – won an Eyelands Book Award in Greece and the Uncollected Press Prize for a Short Story Collection.

UnCollected Press publishes 32 books

We are delighted to announce that we just published our 32nd book since we started producing books in 2019. (We have another 13 in the queue.) Here are some quotes from authors whose books have been recently published by UnCollected Press:

“the books arrived….they are beautiful ….the cover is so tactile….the choice of paper for the pages just elevates the books….we made a real objet d’ art….”

“Dear everyone, I’m very excited to announce that my chapbook is now available! It was a dream to work with UnCollected Press on this little chappy.”

“The books arrived and they look great–your painting works beautifully on the cover!”

“The covers galley is perfect!  It looks amazing – I have no corrections!”

“A friend posted that he was rereading my book, accompanied by a picture of it and one of his friends commented:  “Okay that is quite possibly the coolest design & title I have ever seen.  THAT makes me want to explore contents.”