Artwork of Storm and Urge Contest

Love and Fear
Love and Fear, Henry Stanton
  1. RAR is offering a $50 prize for the winner of the Storm and Urge Artwork Contest.
  2. We are looking for original artwork that manifests the energy and power of Storm and Urge.
  3. Please send up to 5 photos of any artwork in any medium using any style.
  4. The better the photo the better the post. We recommend you send images that you are happy with yourself.
  5. Anything from photo-realistic to abstract art is welcome. Photos of paintings, drawings, sculpture, pottery, mixed-media, etc. are all welcome. For performance artists, video is welcome.
  6. Storm and urge can, of course, be an external or internal phenomenon. Artwork that addresses Storm and Urge wherever and however it is expressed is welcome.
  7. In addition to publishing the work of the contest winner, we will accept artwork for publication on the site as a blog post and in our gallery on a rolling basis.
  8. Simultaneous publication is fine.
  9. Deadline is September 15, 2018.
  10. Contest winner will be announced in October 2018.