Forty Mules and an Acre

She looked like an evil
chocolate cake in a sky
blue captain’s hat, her

Velvet pink strawberry
tongue slithered forth

And licked my eyebrows,
she said my Icelandic blue
eyes melted her heart, a

Sunflower in a Mexican
detention concentration
camp, sirocco, paladin

Mayhem of the humming-
birds of the Colombian
Andes in search of nectar

Altiplano, America, I want
my forty mules and an acre.

Tattooed Love

My old man played the blues
and dragged me from Biloxi,
to Chicago, and Paris, one day he
quit speaking and forgot his guitar.

He sat in a chair for five years
eating chicken and drinking whiskey,
then he turned into a butterfly before
my eyes and flew out the window.

I woke with a dog shit tongue, my
chest was covered with a dried
blood soaked towel, it was saffron
colored and stank of tequila.

A tattoo of Jesus walking on water
adorned my freshly shaved torso.
holy guacamole I thought, now I’ll
probably be touched by the finger of God.

I met a beautiful Mexican senorita,
she said, “You’re tired and I am too.
but we are two different animals,
you need rest, I am run over

Worn bald at the edges and can’t
get much traction. With time you
will rejuvenate. I am a black chunk
of rubber on the road of life.”

We traveled north to the valley of chiles
hanging crimson from adobe vigas, at
night we slept under a Frida Kahlo moon
dancing horses licked our faces awake.

Black Horse

Anyone can be gat, look
in the good book and the
Four Horsemen of the Ap-
ocalypse: Pestilence, War,
Famine, Death, flying

Scorpions, nightingales, the
lady vacuumed the fireflies
from the sky, there are no
roses without bloody thorns

He reached out and broke
off a chunk of banana moon
it tasted rather bizarre, tickling
the guitar strings laughter can
be heard through the adobe

Village, coyotes, and senoritas
did the St Vitus’ dance until
the apricot pumpkin stars,
turned the clouds terracotta.

Tom Selleck and the Ugly Dinosaur Fish

When I got to Milwaukee the second time, I got a job for a roofer in Milwaukee. My first job was at a factory and I hated everything about it, except the big money. My boss’ name was Eddie, he was a handsome devil, he won the Magnum P.I. lookalike contest. Women would rubber neck him where ever he went. We had a small job up on the north side in the black area of town. These women wanted Eddie for a “Hey You Job”, they had a leaky roof in a fish store. The crew and Eddie finished our job.  He sent me over to check out the fish store. I saw some cracks around chimneys, so I took a bucket of tar and spackled it on. They gave me $20 and a huge fish that looked like a dinosaur. I took it back to the crew, they looked at me in horror. They said it was a sturgeon and it was under the size limit. I asked what length a keeper was? They said five and a half feet, unless you’re a Potawatomi Indian in spear season. All I said was, son of a bitch.

The Sky is a Gun Barrel of Loneliness

Death eats
you like a
in coffee
how long
I pretend
to care
I never
or wanted
to live this


The Ass of The Statue of Liberty (animated poem)

The Ass of the Statue of Liberty