The Raw Art Review Summer 2019 Galley is In-Production

RAR Summer 2019 Contributors:

We are in the process of producing the galley for the Summer 2019 Issue now.

Here are the upcoming steps:

1. RAR produces a galley for the journal issue.
2. RAR sends the galley to all contributors who verify, correct and/or approve the state of their work.
3. Contributors give the “okay-as-is” approval or return corrected work to RAR either as an attached Word Doc or embedded in an email message.
4. RAR produces the Electronic Version of the Journal (PDF) and posts it to the website where it is available for reading and to download.
5. Contributors review the posted version and notify RAR if there are any problems that were missed.
6. RAR makes any final corrections and submits to the printer for the printed version of the journal.
7. Printed version is published.

We expect to have the galley for the Summer 2019 Journal Issue out by the November 08, 2019.

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