Uncollected Press, publisher of The Raw Art Review, is releasing Ed Wade’s book of poems The Mise En Abyme Jokebook.  Ed’s book is full of beautifully rendered, artistically refined, funny and poignant and aesthetically satisfying poems.  It is a book full of intriguing insights and vivid imagery and innovative trade-craft. This is a book of poems you all will love.  The book is available for pre-order below.

The Mise En Abyme Joke book, by Ed Wade

$10 Book + $.60 MD State Sales Tax + $4 Shipping



The Mise En Abyme Joke book, by Ed Wade

$10 Book + $.60 MD State Sales Tax + $4 Shipping


BENEDICTION by Bob Kaufman

Pale brown Moses went down to Egypt land
To let somebody’s people go.
Keep him out of Florida, no UN there:
The poor governor is all alone,
With six hundred thousand illiterates.

American, I forgive you…I forgive you
Nailing black Jesus to an imported cross
Every six weeks in Dawson, Georgia.
America, I forgive you…I forgive you
Burning Japanese babies defensively–
I realize how necessary it was.
Your ancestor had beautiful thoughts in his brain.
His descendants are experts in real estate.
Your generals have mushrooming visions.
Every day your people get more and more
Cars, televisions, sickness, death dreams,
You must have been great

Invocation to The Muse

In the 50+ years of reading and writing poetry, this is the most moving invocation to the muse I have found:



The muse seems to be

on vacation and I was

going to write a poem

about my car-wreck of

a life, of the sadness

and beauty I’ve known,

like hearing the very

first cries of my

daughter and drinking

with my father on his

44th birthday and his

dying just hours after

we had parted or

over-coming an addiction

or when my life-long

woman and I first

awoke as friends and

lovers: but the muse

seems to be on vacation,

I’ll dig in, sing songs,

dance, drink, smoke, pray,

hope, whatever it takes

to lure her back from

having a good time



UnCollected Press has published John D. Robinson’s full-length book of poetry, “Hang In There”, this year.  It is likely to leave you trembling, deeply moved and paralyzed, angry but softened.  The range of responses is very broad.  The poems are open and uncompromising, red with brutal reality and red with compassion.  Click below to purchase.

We are also announcing our intention to publish John’s second full length book of poetry in January 2020.

Red Dance, by John D. Robinson (January 2020)


Hang In There

John D. Robinson Full Length Book of Poetry $15 + $.90 MD Sales Tax + $4 Shipping