ANNOUNCEMENT: Winner and Runners-up of The William Wantling Prize for Poetry

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WINNER: “The Girl from No Gun Ri”, Esther Ra (previously published in “The Rumpus”)

RUNNER-UP: Drunk in New Orleans Again, by Beth Balousek

RUNNER-UP: “Red Dove”, Sophia Falco

RUNNER-UP: Because Addiction Isn’t a Drug, Patience Andrew

RUNNER-UP: Conservation of Energy, Doug May

RUNNER-UP: Bad Mother, Julia Knowlton



Winner of the William Wantling Prize for Poetry

The Girl from No Gun Ri
by Esther Ra

The Girl from No Gun Ri (CLICK HERE))

From John D. Robinson:
The Girl From No Gun Ri is a tremendously powerful, moving and harrowing account of the atrocities of war: the poet writes with a clarity that is both beautiful and disturbing without a sense of self-indulgence or pity: The Girl From No Gun Ri is a poem whose ghost will inhabit the reader long after reading the poem

(This poem was published first by The Rumpus (CLICK HERE)