The Walt Whitman Prize First Runner Up

by Sarah Oso

Wednesday at the thrift store on Fourth
means half off everything but lamps,
teacups, and hand-me-down hardware,
so I step through the thicket of men’s long sleeves
starched and bark stiff on their hangers,
pull one from the end of the row––
a coat with ROBERT marked on the collar,
pine green, the color of evening woods, dark and deep,
secrets, desires, and roads taken,
years with a woman who’d called him Robbie
and pressed the twill to her mouth
on nights when he was away––

Sarah Oso


Sarah O. Oso is a Nigerian-American poet living in Atlanta. In addition to receiving the inaugural 2017 Georgia Tech LMC Creative Writing Award, her work has appeared in Four Ties Lit Review and is forthcoming in Dragon Poet Review and Helen Literary Magazine. Oso, a pre-law student, is a senior at Georgia Tech, where she is pursuing degrees in both Public Policy and Applied Language/Intercultural Studies.

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